We Support

Todos pela Educação, Ação Comunitária do Espírito Santo (Aces), Junior Achievement, AmCham Brazil and Espírito Santo em Ação are projects we support. The following information on their channels of performance and developed initiatives.

A movement that has been growing since 2006, Todos pela Educação has as a goal to, by 2022 (year of the bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil) assure to all the children and young adults of the country the right to a quality basic education. It connects representatives of different sectors of the society, such as: public managers, educators, parents, pupils, researchers, entrepreneurs and leaderships of social organizations.

A non-profitable association, maintained by a private initiative, the Junior Achievement has as its objective to awaken the enterprising spirit in the youth while still in school, stimulating their personal development. Also it aims at to provide a clear vision of the world of businesses to the youth and to facilitate their access to the job market, with educative programs carefully formulated and applied for students of diverse backgrounds. Junior Achievement realizes projects through partnerships with schools and volunteers interested in sharing knowledge and experience.

Established in 1919, AmCham Brasil (American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil) has a history marked with pioneering innovation. It acts in decisive areas to influence public policies, promoting investments and the incorporation of the principles of sustainability to corporate management. Educational programs and digital inclusion are some of the projects that lead the front in diverse cities of the country.

Created in 2003, Espirito Santo em Ação has as its mission to mobilize the working class people of Espirito Santo to effectively contribute in the development of a better and more just society. It continues to act with focus in the construction of an ideal State. All the projects have the aim of helping participating companies become more conscientious and active in their social and economic role. The institution participates in the Plan of Development of Espirito Santo 2025, with suggestions and ideas for the fortification of the plan, that has as its intention to define priorities, to trace strategies and to point out paths to be followed for the public, private and civil sectors.

A FBN, Family Business Network é a maior organização de famílias empresárias do mundo, que promove o sucesso, longevidade e sustentabilidade das empresas familiares. Fundada em 1989 em Lausanne, na Suíça. Atualmente reúne mais de 3.600 famílias empresárias, 12.000 membros, sendo 5.000 das futuras gerações (NxG), em 33 capítulos que abrangem 65 países.
O Brasil é o quinto capítulo de maior importância para a FBN no mundo. São 18 anos de história, 830 membros, e 180 famílias empresárias associadas.